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Baptist Bulletin

"The Baptist Bulletin began as a 4-page piece in January 1933 with the stated objective: “To maintain a testimony to the supernaturalism of Christianity as opposed to the antisupernaturalism of modernism.” Today the magazine is a 48-page, full-color publication, frequently referred to as the “voice of the GARBC.” It informs association church leaders and members about events and ministries within the association, explores Regular Baptist heritage and doctrine, and communicates to the churches the vision and perspective of the GARBC.

In September 2013, the Baptist Bulletin launched Baptist Bulletin Plus, a digital edition of the magazine containing everything in the print edition as well as bonus content available only online.

The Baptist Bulletin is published bimonthly."

Annual Conference

Join us for a great conference in Sacramento, California!

This year the conference and room block will all be held at Hilton Arden West.

2200 Harvard St,
Sacramento, Cali. 95815


The Gospel Coalition exists to equip the next generation of believers, pastors, and church leaders to shape life and ministry around the gospel.

Do you have a question about God, Jesus, the Bible, or theology? Do you need help understanding a Bible verse or passage?

Got Questions answers 607,610 Bible Questions!

Christian Apologetics - Reasons for Hope takes a three-pronged approach to globally communicate its message of the hope found only in Jesus Christ and its mission of equipping, empowering and encouraging believers in their faith. 


Regular Baptist Press

"Our mission is to glorify God by providing church educational resources that are true to God’s Word and encourage maturity in Christ. Regular Baptist Press was founded to produce distinctively Baptist Sunday School curriculum based on the entire “counsel of God.” Biblical integrity and doctrinal soundness have remained our hallmarks since 1952. Today a growing number of churches rely on RBP for Sunday School curriculum, ministry training, children’s ministry programs, Bible studies, books, and other resources that encourage maturity in Christ. RBP wants to help your ministry build lives by the Book! Regular Baptist Press is the publishing ministry of the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches (GARBC). RBP donates the equivalent of 3 1/2 tons of church resources every quarter to Gospel Literature Services, which provides these materials to churches and missionaries around the world! The resources that RBP produces truly are having a global impact!"

Regular Baptist Church Planting 

Regular Baptist Church Planting is a ministry of the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches (GARBC). The goal of Regular Baptist Church Planting is to inspire churches and individuals to commit to church planting, provide resources to help make it feasible, and assist in networking with organizations as churches and individuals go through the church planting process.

The GARBC is a voluntary fellowship of churches that share common doctrine and values. When churches connect, their voices for God’s Truth become stronger. Churches enjoy getting together with other churches and value receiving help on how to do ministry and using the association’s group IRS tax-exempt status. These benefits are great, but it’s the GARBC values that make the difference! The values of proclaiming Biblical truth, impacting the world for Christ, perpetuating our Baptist heritage, and advancing our churches are worth promoting.

Regular Baptist International


Regular Baptist Press International (formerly Gospel Literature Services – GLS) began in 1973 and exists to provide gospel literature—or the funds to produce that literature on the fields—to national churches, national pastors and missionaries of independent Baptist faith mission agencies. Through the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries (IPFBM), Regular Baptist Press International extends its influence by supplying Biblical resources worldwide to partnering associations and their affiliated churches. While the resources are produced initially in English, some of the partners are translating them into the heart language of the people whom they serve.

Regular Baptist Press International primarily sends Sunday School and Vacation Bible School materials to national churches, but it also produces tracts in multiple languages and funds the publication of discipleship and leadership training books in English and other national languages. When national pastors want a specific title in their language a partnership agreement is established.  The nationals agree to translate and RBPI raises the funds to publish the new translation. Millions of dollars’ worth of such material has helped hundreds of Sunday Schools during their formative years.

The mission of Regular Baptist Press International is to supply Biblical resources worldwide to enable developing Baptist ministries to fulfill the Great Commission.

Regular Baptist Builders Club



1. Financial Assistance

DONATE ONLINE or by phone: 1-888-588-1600
Regular Baptist Builders Club
3715 N. Ventura Dr.
Arlington Heights, IL 60004

2. Construction and Clean-up Assistance

ENGAGE YOUR CHURCH in providing labor and service to help affected communities. The Regular Baptist Builders Club will provide funds for materials while GARBC churches provide needed labor.

3. Can’t Donate Finances or Time?


You will receive 3 newsletters and 5 call letters each year.

Let the call letters and newsletters serve as reminders that we are calling on your support for prayer.

Not a Regular Baptist Builders Club member? BECOME A MEMBER.

EASY AS 1, 2, 3 !