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  • Beginning Sunday, May 17, we will resume gathering together for public services! While things will be different than they were before this pandemic, it will be nice to, once again, see each other face to face and worship together! Starting on May 17 we will begin holding a 10:00am service. As our State Rep., Tim Capon, described it, many of our churches have chosen to “slow start” public worship again. Therefore, there will be no Sunday School classes, no nursery or children’s church and no second service at this time. Check your email to see what some of these changes will look like.
    We understand that there are still concerns and even fears in the hearts of some. That is why we want to make it clear that if you have hesitations about gathering together, it is ok to stay home, we understand! If you have a fever or are sick, by all means stay home. We encourage our elderly and those with health risks to stay home for a while longer. We will be continuing to live-feed our service on Facebook for those who cannot come, just as we have been doing. Whether you decide to join us in person or
    on our live feed - WE ARE EXCITED TO WORSHIP WITH YOU!
  • Our new Camp Scholarship Program for Iowa Regular Baptist Camp (IRBC) has begun! Students in grades 3rd-12th have the opportunity to earn $100 towards camp this summer by memorizing Scripture, taking sermon notes, and completing various service projects. Don't worry! You can still take sermon notes at home. Find the forms and get more info on our camp information page here. 
  • Remember to pray for our church college students who had to abruptly end their schooling and move back home due to Covid 19 regulations. Write them a note of encouragement if you are able. 
  • An Outward Testimony of an Inward Transformation
    We will be having a baptismal service soon. Please let Pastor Reynolds know if you would like follow the Lord in believer's baptism.